Who Writes This Stuff

Who writes this blog? Just another bozo on the bus. But God has given me this gift. I am not famous, I am not outstanding, I am an ordinary woman who loves God. I do have one edge: I have lived through many disappointments, my heart has been broken, my ego battered, but I have seen God act on my behalf in many ways, from extraordinary to simple and quiet. I know that God is Good All The Time.

The poetry I share comes from personal experience; there are no hidden meanings. I want to be as upfront with you as God is with me. Christian living is filled with surprises. It is Christ in us, the hope of glory.

Poetry is my gift from God. I hope that you will be encouraged, focused on faith and living well, and remember that although life is hard GOD IS GOOD all the time.
Oh, my other gift is my smile. Here is one for you.

ps. advertising on this blog helps me pay the bills. Shopping from these links will be credited to me, not as righteousness, but with funds to keep the lights on.