Monday, December 19, 2016

Walgreens balance rewards rip-off

I go to Walgreens for my prescriptions and everyday items. I keep my Walgreens balance reward points to use at Christmas. Tonight I found out that anyone can hack my balance rewards using a phone number. And I learned that Walgreens balance rewards program says “oh, well”. The Walgreens balance rewards program is a rip-off.

I went into Walgreens this evening to get Christmas stocking stuffers. I had $50.00 in balance reward points. As I checked out, my balance reward was only $5.00. The manager was kind enough to let me call Walgreens customer service. I spent two hours on hold, and spoke to two different customer service representatives.

I had to give them my name, address, date of birth, last four of my social, and my membership number before they would speak to me about my Walgreens balance rewards account. It turned out my rewards were redeemed in California (I live in Missouri) by someone using my home phone number. 

When I asked how this could be resolved so that I could use my reward amount, the customer service representative said “You can’t. They have already been redeemed. It seems like fraud, but there is nothing we can do about it”.

So “Between the corner of healthy and happy”? I don’t think so. What’s the point of spending money at Walgreens to build up rewards so that someone can hack them with no consequence, and the customer, who spent the money to build up the rewards, it told “too bad so sad”.