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How to paste wax a hardwood floor

I have learned how to paste wax an old hardwood floor. The process will work for any floor. I put this together from twenty or so sites I found when searching for methods of paste waxing floors. I learned the difference in buffing, polishing, and cleaning the floor. This will save time when you decide to paste wax your hardwood floor. Buffing removes excess wax. Polishing makes the floor very shiny. Cleaning pads remove smears, spots, scratches, and redistributes the wax. Since you are making the paste wax commitment, use a bonafide household floor machine. I use a Koblenz Cleaning Machine. If you do not want to use a machine, you can purchase buffing and polishing pads from a hardware store. You can also use a car wax buffer/polisher. Step 1 Sweep the floor. Duh! Floor vacuums work best for pet hair. If you do not have a floor vacuum use a micro fiber mop after sweeping. Spray the micro fiber mop with Endust for easier cleaning. Step 2 Mop with a mixture of vinegar and water. Use one gall…

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